5 Golden Rings (4 Golden Earrings)


I wanted this post to have a funny title and of course, I failed. If you didn’t get it, 5 Golden Rings is from the song 12 Days of Christmas. In my case however, I only have 4 Golden Earrings and I think that it is quite witty (Pray for my soul, I need to self-cleanse this cheesiness).

I have an inkling for anything small. I love small animals, babies, and most especially Hobbits and Dwarves. My passion for such is the reason why I prefer cute dainty stud earrings over let-me-rumble-with-your-hair-and-annoy-you dangling ones.

That is why when I saw these two, I quickly grabbed my wallet and readied my soul to unleash some cash. I bought these earrings from Lexie & Co at Solenad II in Nuvali; however, I do believe that their stay there is temporary and is only till the holidays are over *cries at the corner*


Both of these studs look good together and that is a rare! I find it difficult to pair earrings on my two piercings that’s why this combo is a blessing for me. Don’t ask why I suck at pairing earrings – I don’t have an excuse to give. *cries again at the corner*

I’ve worn nothing but my ALDO stud earrings during the previous semester and I actually lost 2 of 3 pairs in my dorm and/or our house (I’m not really sure??) and I don’t want to lose the third and last pair! I’m afraid they’re not available at ALDO anymore because every time I went and checked, I always go out with a frown on my face.

However, I promise to take real good care of these two! I’ll take care of my heart and stars mehehehe. Happy New Year everyone!