My clothes, shoes, and a lot of my belongings are now extremely worn out because I’ve put them into good use in 2015 (that’s great, right??); that is why, I need new things! This is probably one of the lamest excuses the Internet has seen in its existence.

My wish list consists of things that I need to procure (a very formal word because this is very pretentious) till February or early March because if it gets any further than that, maximizing its utility will diminish – since University’s back on the 18th of January! Embarrassingly enough, here’s my 2016 Wishlist~~~

Sense of Urgency: !!!! Extremely Important – !! Important – ! So so

2016 Yuppie Planner (!!!!) I’ve checked out its layout and design, and boy oh boy, I fell in love with it at first sight. I know that I’ll use it so much this year because I’ll be starting with Chapters 1-3 of my thesis this semester and this planner will just give me the courage to do anything!!!!! (Lame Excuse: Extreme) (Update: I now have the planner!)

Shoes (!!!!) The Adidas Superstar has been on my radar for months and I am hoping that my father follows the will of the Force. (Update: He bought me the Nike Airmax 90 and I love it! It gives an additional one inch to my height hehehehe)

Clothes (!!!!) I’ve been wearing the same shit every other week and I actually do not care about it, however, I believe that it is quite obligatory to buy fresh clothes to start the year right. Plus, some of my tops have worn out severely and I’ve worn too many t-shirts in my life – my parents actually told me to buy polos and blouses to look more put together, and I agree! New year, new clothes. Amen.

Laptop Backpack (!!) I carry a 15.6-inch laptop with me and even if my Jansport Superbreak bag can hold it, it doesn’t have an interior designed for laptops. I have a laptop sleeve but it doesn’t support my laptop that much that is why my day usually ends with an aching back. I’ve seen a few good laptop backpacks at department stores and I like those with a lot of compartments and pockets inside and out. Also, I need something with a thick interior and exterior lining so that my shoulders and back could have a happier life.

Tesseract Manila Rings (!) Your girl loves her rings and while online windows shopping on Zalora, I discovered Tesseract Manila’s affordable and beautiful ring sets!! I love them all and I think it’s safe for me to say that my semester would be more stylish and wonderful if I have these rings J (I do love my excuses) (Update: I bought two ring sets unfortunately, they were too big but I can still wear them; I’m planning to buy one more set with the correct size)

Powerbank (!!!) Smartphones drain easily and I do not want to be that girl who cries electric tears because her phone just died. Plus, I found this cute An An powerbank on Lazada and since then, I cannot take my eyes off of it.

Those are the things that are on my radar. What’s on your list?? =)



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