20 Things To Do Before 20

Death_to_stock_photography_Vibrant-(10-of-10)There are still roughly 186 days before I say farewell to my teenage years; and as early as now, I can already say to myself – “Teenage years, well-spent!” I haven’t been in any wild and extra amazing adventures but, I am content with everything that I have experienced and am really very happy that I’ve had the chance of meeting amazing people along the way. HOWEVER, it’s not yet my birthday so I’m not going to provide you with a summary of my emotions and realizations for the past years.

What I am going to share with you today is a bucket list of some simple things that I wanted to do before I turn twenty years old. Why create a list? I wanted to spice things up and add a bit of challenge into my very messy and unorganized life. I mean, my sleeves are already filled up with University work so why not aggravate the situation??? Anyways, here’s my embarrassing list of things to do before I grow older – Read More »




Hi! I wanted to bring this blog back to life by sharing with you the songs that have stuck with me since the beginning of January. My housemates’ ears are now probably allergic to these songs because I have played it everywhere – in the bathroom, in my bedroom, in our dining area (usually on speakers), on our housewarming party, and on one of my housemates’ birthday celebration. This playlist is intense and I am in love with all the songs in here – and I sure hope that some of them will tickle your pickles as well *not a sexual pun, I repeat, not a sexual pun*.






My clothes, shoes, and a lot of my belongings are now extremely worn out because I’ve put them into good use in 2015 (that’s great, right??); that is why, I need new things! This is probably one of the lamest excuses the Internet has seen in its existence.

My wish list consists of things that I need to procure (a very formal word because this is very pretentious) till February or early March because if it gets any further than that, maximizing its utility will diminish – since University’s back on the 18th of January! Embarrassingly enough, here’s my 2016 Wishlist~~~

Sense of Urgency: !!!! Extremely Important – !! Important – ! So so Read More »

5 Golden Rings (4 Golden Earrings)


I wanted this post to have a funny title and of course, I failed. If you didn’t get it, 5 Golden Rings is from the song 12 Days of Christmas. In my case however, I only have 4 Golden Earrings and I think that it is quite witty (Pray for my soul, I need to self-cleanse this cheesiness).

I have an inkling for anything small. I love small animals, babies, and most especially Hobbits and Dwarves. My passion for such is the reason why I prefer cute dainty stud earrings over let-me-rumble-with-your-hair-and-annoy-you dangling ones.

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LET’S TALK ABOUT | 2016 New Year’s Resolutions


I cannot quite remember if I have done a resolutions list for 2015 last year, but if I did, I *obviously* didn’t commit to it. Since I’ve ended this year with a tiny humble bang (2015 was awesome!!!), I want to continue the positivity and spread it in 2016; that is why I must tweak my negative habits and slowly abolish them throughout the brand new year. Without further ado, here are my resolutions *coughs* *cliché* *coughs* for twenty sixteen —

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