Let’s Go To The Beach Each (Let’s go get away)


They say what they want to say

If you didn’t sing along then you probably hate Nicki Minaj songs and that’s not a problem. If your anaconda don’t, then please understand that this is a non-sexual and I’m just trying to make Nicki Minaj puns. (And it’s a failure, obvs)

The Philippines celebrated its Independence Day last June 12 and with that, my friends and I decided to show our nationalism by spending an afternoon at the beach. Reality check: nationalism isn’t part of the plan; I barely remembered that it was our Independence Day. Sorry, Filipino forefathers. My friends and I just really wanted to party like sea urchins in the middle of the ocean (yes, we saw a LOT of clingy sea urchins and it was terrifying) and that happened for probably an hour, when our skin can still take in the heat from the Sun.

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