Mid-year Fun | Books to be read


Uni starts on August 5th which is 36 days away from this glittering moment. Like any other uni student, savoring the mid-year break is everything. I guess I have done a lot for the month of June: a) went to the beach b) held an overnight + half day session of movie-watching and bonding with friends in our house c) celebrated the 20th birthday of my high school friend with our high school buddies, where d) we lost a beer pong contest and oh God am I so bad at this game but then e) we caught up with one another till 5:30AM and that’s soooo nice f) finished 3 seasons of FRIENDS.

I am bad ass, aren’t I? (who am I kidding here)

Setting aside this assumed bad-ass-ness, I still have a ton of books piled next to me, pleading, screaming at the top of their lungs, “READ ME, YOU HOPELESS ROMANTIC BITCH.”

and ok, it’s vacation time, i will read youuu babies

Here are four books that I want to read this month (let’s hope that I’ll finish reading them before July ends so that I still have room for one or two more yay):

GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn / God knows how many times I’ve tried to read this book last semester; and the angels and saints are witnesses to God knows how many times I failed. Read More »