Hi! I wanted to bring this blog back to life by sharing with you the songs that have stuck with me since the beginning of January. My housemates’ ears are now probably allergic to these songs because I have played it everywhere – in the bathroom, in my bedroom, in our dining area (usually on speakers), on our housewarming party, and on one of my housemates’ birthday celebration. This playlist is intense and I am in love with all the songs in here – and I sure hope that some of them will tickle your pickles as well *not a sexual pun, I repeat, not a sexual pun*.







My clothes, shoes, and a lot of my belongings are now extremely worn out because I’ve put them into good use in 2015 (that’s great, right??); that is why, I need new things! This is probably one of the lamest excuses the Internet has seen in its existence.

My wish list consists of things that I need to procure (a very formal word because this is very pretentious) till February or early March because if it gets any further than that, maximizing its utility will diminish – since University’s back on the 18th of January! Embarrassingly enough, here’s my 2016 Wishlist~~~

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My Favorite Blogs! (aka my blog roll)

tumblr_n7q0x3hEk81t7jlh5o1_1280And because I’m taking a break from school (but hear thee, it’s coming back so soon), I have more time in my hands to snoop into the lives of other people, and read everything in their archives; know their opinions about this shit, and that shit; see how they handle life gracefully; and just basically believe that they are my long lost friends from the past – I have acquired quite a lot of favorite blogs since God knows when. That is why today I decided to share with you my blog roll a.k.a the blogs I constantly check for updates every 8 minutes or so…

(Most of these blogs are Lifestyle blogs okay :)) hihi + they are listed in no particular order)

Ghost Parties
Cider with Rosie
Paper Lovestory
The Wallflower Secrets
Colours and Carousels
Hello October
Allison Anderson
Fine and Dandy
Career Girl Daily
Chapter Friday
The Blogging Brew
Artistic Dreams
Peony Lim
Daydream in Blue
Paris in Four Months
Helene in Between
Marc and Angel Hack Life

What are your favorite blogs? Comment below! I sure would like to snoop around! :))

6 Things That I Loved In June


I didn’t do a lot of things last month: zero books finished, zero new music, almost zero everything. But here are some of the things that made my June amazing :))

1. Apartment hunting, then watching Jurassic World afterwards with two of my best boy friends.

2. Going to the beach with the friends mentioned above + another one of my younger best boy friends.

3. Watching Jurassic World for the second time with my dad and brother on my mother’s birthday. (I’d like to note that numbers 1-3 happened in three consecutive days: June 11-13)

4. Two overnight sessions with two sets of friends (College + High School) and both events were spontaneous. College overnight (slash discovering-that-as-u-get-older-the-grudge-japanese-version-bores-you-to-the-parotid-gland-especially-when-u-watch-it-in-the-morning type of sleepover) happened on the 24th of June whilst the HS overnight (slash i-suck-at-beer-pong-this-wasn’t-supposed-to-be-an-overnight-but-i-am-a-bad-ass-sometimes-and-talk-till-4-or-5-in-the-morning-with-the-best-pals type of sleepover) happened on the 26th. I took an independence break on the 25th.

5. The bittersweet affirmation of my friends’ graduation and the realization that they will soon scrabble through this jungle we call adult life. I’m proud of them all for finally doing it; and at the same time, very very sad because I won’t get to see them that often starting next semester :((

6. And I really can’t think of anything right now because last week all I did was wash dishes AND IT FREAKING CONFUSES ME WHY I WASH 50,000 DISHES A DAY WHEN WE’RE ONLY FOUR IN THE FAMILY. I guess, I love that mysterious touch to this mundane activity. I will soon include in my CV: Professional Dish Washer > can sing whilst washing the dishes, ensuring everyone gets the right amount of entertainment they deserve.

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Looking Back | A January-May 2015 Recap


I’ve been missing out a lot in this cyber space and let us blame Uni for giving us so much work and blame myself even more, for still not mastering the art of prioritization and time management. Now because I am the bad ass kid that I am, whilst my professors are flooding me with paperwork and bombarding me with statistical formulas which I won’t even use in my future Thesis – I still had the time to: explore Binondo, cry over paintings at the National Museum, sing my heart out on videoke nights, and fall in love with FRIENDS. How did I do that? Well let’s just say that I’ve sacrificed some time for sleep. Re: An incident a few weeks ago where I woke up at 6:59AM for my 7AM class. The best thing? I have an exam that morning.

I am inviting you to hop on this tiny time-machine with me as I update you with mostly boring and non-boring things that I did for the past 5 months 🙂

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