LET’S TALK ABOUT | 2016 New Year’s Resolutions


I cannot quite remember if I have done a resolutions list for 2015 last year, but if I did, I *obviously* didn’t commit to it. Since I’ve ended this year with a tiny humble bang (2015 was awesome!!!), I want to continue the positivity and spread it in 2016; that is why I must tweak my negative habits and slowly abolish them throughout the brand new year. Without further ado, here are my resolutions *coughs* *cliché* *coughs* for twenty sixteen —

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Let’s Talk About | Failures

photo-1421809313281-48f03fa45e9fWe’ve all had our fair-share of ups and downs; of successes and failures. But most of the time, our emotions gravitate towards our wrongdoings in life, that we forget about the nice things we’ve done be it a simple deed. There’s something about failing that’s both tragic and wonderful – we always try to stay away from making mistakes (I always try to stay away from mistakes), and no matter how many times you write in paper I will never do this blah blah again, 70% of the time, we still do it, we still do it, even if you know it’s wrong and that you’ll be wretched in the end – or sometimes we pretend we don’t.

As a student, I have fought a lot of battles between what I wanted to do, what I needed to do, and what I felt doing at a particular time. I have a lot of uncompleted requirements – and most of them are because of giving up, and the lack of motivation to do it. Some say will power is not true; but I believe in it.

It was my second time taking Statistics last semester (failed on my first take during the first semester) and what made this different from the first was that I believed right from the start that I will pass this freaking subject contrary to my situation on the first semester where I would just sulk and groan and rant about how difficult the subject is, how much I abhor it, and how useless it is in life. You see, how you see things and your attitude towards it is reflected in the result.

I am afraid of making mistakes because I am afraid of being judged.
I am afraid of making mistakes because I don’t want to be labelled as someone who isn’t good at anything.
I am afraid of making mistakes because I don’t want to be treated poorly by my peers.
I am afraid of making mistakes because I don’t want to be looked down upon.

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Let’s Talk About | Alarms

DeathtoStock_Creative Community5

Have you ever had a good night’s sleep?
Where you’re just having a really really really (see how I’m stressing out really) good dream?
Or, you’re not dreaming but, the world is yours whilst hibernating?
You’re tired. You had a tough day.
All you care about is sleep (and world peace).

Okay so before you let your bed swallow you whole, here’s how your life went:

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Let’s Talk About | Moving Out

DeathtoStock_NotStock10 Moving out – harsh, scary, independent living. Okay, moving out in my vocabulary is living less than twenty kilometers away from my parents’ house – five days a week. This sounds pretty lame but if you live in a very loving family, where they all exhale caring and thoughtfulness (and are closely related to the Care Bears), you’d be so attached to them that living alone for the first time will be very terrifying.

Needless to say, (tho I’ll still say it) I’m a weekend warrior. Independence is the key actor in this living alone situation. You get to decide everything for yourself.

There’s no limitation – you can do anything you want because you’re under no parental supervision: you can smoke pot, party till you drop, or if you’re a professional bad-ass like I am, cut some of your classes and sleep (and paint the town red in your dreams).

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Let’s Talk About | Starting Over

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The first blog that I continuously held onto for years is The Kathalogue. It contains almost all of my musings from my senior days in high school, and the randomness of posts that came about – inspired by other bloggers’ write-ups. I wrote book reviews, weekly round-ups, compilation of my favorite pins for that week, joined the tag bandwagon, and all the regular lifestyle posts that you’d normally see in any other budding teen blogger. Where did it go wrong? Read More »