20 Things To Do Before 20

Death_to_stock_photography_Vibrant-(10-of-10)There are still roughly 186 days before I say farewell to my teenage years; and as early as now, I can already say to myself – “Teenage years, well-spent!” I haven’t been in any wild and extra amazing adventures but, I am content with everything that I have experienced and am really very happy that I’ve had the chance of meeting amazing people along the way. HOWEVER, it’s not yet my birthday so I’m not going to provide you with a summary of my emotions and realizations for the past years.

What I am going to share with you today is a bucket list of some simple things that I wanted to do before I turn twenty years old. Why create a list? I wanted to spice things up and add a bit of challenge into my very messy and unorganized life. I mean, my sleeves are already filled up with University work so why not aggravate the situation??? Anyways, here’s my embarrassing list of things to do before I grow older – Read More »


Dear College Freshman Self


As your future self now steps into her fourth year in the University, here are some things that she wish she should have done when she was your age. This letter won’t be lengthy because if she will do that, this will turn into a dramatic garbage, making her win another Oscar award.

On Academics

+ Be diligent enough. You will save a lot of subjects which are hanging by a thread if you work harder. Not everything is just “okay” Give what you can give; so that in the end, you’ll be proud of what you’ve done
+ Do not quit. Do not ever be a quitter!
+ Deadlines are real. Do not play with the dates. Use your planner accordingly. Procrastination is an enemy, and you need to kill it, now.
+ Do not ever review the night before the exam. This will be the death of you. This is considered as academic-suicide.
+ Your notes will be so awesome come 2015
+ And I know that’s a long way to go but 2015 is your yeaaaar

On Social Matters

+ You’ll meet great people, and will meet even greater people who will make you a better person/student
+ Your friends really do affect who you are; and even without noticing it, imprint on you
+ Don’t ever be embarrassed because of your failures; your friends will help you stand up whenever you fall
+ You’ll have the best guy best friends in the world
+ And the best ates you can ever imagine
+ You’ll believe in feminism and will fight patriarchy

On Money and Saving Up

+This is one thing you really suck atRead More »

Some Random Things About Me


I’ve been blogging for four months now and I think it’s proper to share a tad bit about myself so that you can know about me more??? I’ve finally given in on the Get to Know Me tags I’ve been seeing around so I figured, what the hell, let’s do this thaaang!

+ I cry easily – and by easily I mean I could actually be an Oscar winning actress because I cry so fast, it’s ridiculous, the director of my movie and everyone in the Academy would be so proud of me

+ I am a sweet and saucy girl – donuts, cupcakes, chocolate?? I’d go for it! Barbeque sauce? Oyster sauce? I’d go for the savory food too! I’m just not a huge fan of the spicy stuff

+ I am a cat, a dog, rabbit, bird, panda, and penguin person. I am an animal person. I love everything fluffy. I hate lizards and frogs because they are not fluffy. One time, whilst I was in our bathroom, a lizard fell on me and went inside my shirt – I couldn’t tell you how much I freaked out. Again, if you saw how terrified I am, I would win another Oscar award for Best actress and an MTV Movie Award for Best Scream

+ I cannot exit a YouTube video without clicking the thumbs up/like button – that’s how good of a subscriber I am (and a little bit stupid, I guess???). Even if I didn’t like the video that much, I’d still click the thumbs up button because they worked hard for it, man

When I laugh around people, they cannot not laugh too. They say my laugh is some kind of disease in which no one has the immunity. So when I laugh about tiny funny things, everyone in the room will start laughing as well (and before I thought, hey, I probably look awful when I laugh that is why I can make them laugh but no; I already saw myself laugh one time [thanks, recording devices] and I think it’s because my eyes show the loneliness I feel inside which then translates to ok let’s laugh out loud) Another Oscar award?? And a Golden Globe for this one?? How about an Emmy?Read More »