Hello, from the other side


Hello, it’s me…

And I am back! I think I’ve beaten the beavers in this hibernation game and I really am very sorry for leaving this tiny space of mine. School work buried me six feet under that is why I cannot find a way to post here even if I really wanted to! I hope my cute cactus will relieve your disappointment. Nevertheless, I am here again and I am really going to do my best in creating more interesting content. =)

Merry Christmas everybody!



What My Tuesdays Look Like + Life Update

I am still alive!!! Yaaas! After a month long of silence in this space, I finally had the chance to once again, blabber about myself (I am not narcissistic yes). Now to all you snoop doggs out there (eh, snoopy people???) I am going to tickle your pickle (no sexual puns intended) by showing you a crappy infographic that I made because 1) I was bored and 2) I don’t know how to show you better a part of my class schedule and 3) this is how Tuesdays work. Here it is…


7-8AM  | My waking time varies  but for the majority of the last four weeks of my life, I woke up between 7-8AM which gives me enough time for preparing for my first class of the week. But here’s some explanation as to why I need to wake up two hours before my class – a) There’s a quiz and I need to review once again just to make sure and b) There’s a paper I am still battling with

9AM | A one-hour lecture class on Communication Research. My professor here is one of the best profs in our college and I am very thankful for that because even if the lessons are quite technical, he makes it very easy to understand! Plus, I have two awesome friends + groupmates that are also enrolled in this class. Double Whammy, ladies and gents!

10AM | Another one hour lecture on a production course. My professor here is one of the pioneers of distance learning in our country and I find her really amusing. My classmates tho, think otherwise. I’m with two of my roommates in this class which makes it of course, again not boring (plus, I don’t find the lecture boring at all). Another double whammy, people.

11AM | After class, my roommates and I buy take out lunches and eat it at our apartment because our apartment’s too comfy!!! If I’ve eaten breakfast already, then I won’t eat lunch and would just chill at out apartment. After we eat, we usually sleep till 1PM – and I know that that is unhealthy but what can I do??? Blame the body.

1PM-4PM | A three-hour production class. I like this class; and we’re also very lucky to have a verrrry nice professor who gave us a perfect 100 on our paper last meeting! Plus, she also dismisses us early hehehehehe

4-5:30PM | I eat turon (banana fritters) and drink sago (jelly sugary liquid diabetes-causing drink) and sleep or read or go online or chat with my roommate. Or all of the above. It depends on my mood.

5:30-7PM | Last class!!! Booyah!! Well not really booyah because my roomie’s last class is our 1-4 class. Lucky her. This one and a half hour lecture class on Communication and Society is probably my favorite class this semester! Our professor worked in Congress before and that is something and she REALLY IS VERRRY GOOD at teaching which makes the whole class participate and listen to every word that she says!

7-9PM | I usually eat dinner with the awesome friends that I always talk about in my previous posts and I actually live in the same apartment complex with the two of them, making our situation FRIENDS-ish. I’m Joey and Phoebe and Chandler, combined. We eat for two hours and finish other miscellaneous errands like get hand-outs and buy coffee which then leads us toooo….

9PM-12AM/2AM | The gravity depends on how much work there is to be finished! But actually, I prefer sleeping at 1:30AM because whenever I sleep for more than 8 hours, my head will ache ridiculously for the whole day and I don’t want that to happen. 5-6 hours of sleep is the most suitable time frame for me, I figured. So there we go. That’s what my Tuesdays look like. A lot of eating. A lot of laughing. A lot of paperwork. Welcome to the secret life of a communication student.

the girl who is doing a lot these days, and is the head of the publication committee of their volunteer corps,

Dear College Freshman Self


As your future self now steps into her fourth year in the University, here are some things that she wish she should have done when she was your age. This letter won’t be lengthy because if she will do that, this will turn into a dramatic garbage, making her win another Oscar award.

On Academics

+ Be diligent enough. You will save a lot of subjects which are hanging by a thread if you work harder. Not everything is just “okay” Give what you can give; so that in the end, you’ll be proud of what you’ve done
+ Do not quit. Do not ever be a quitter!
+ Deadlines are real. Do not play with the dates. Use your planner accordingly. Procrastination is an enemy, and you need to kill it, now.
+ Do not ever review the night before the exam. This will be the death of you. This is considered as academic-suicide.
+ Your notes will be so awesome come 2015
+ And I know that’s a long way to go but 2015 is your yeaaaar

On Social Matters

+ You’ll meet great people, and will meet even greater people who will make you a better person/student
+ Your friends really do affect who you are; and even without noticing it, imprint on you
+ Don’t ever be embarrassed because of your failures; your friends will help you stand up whenever you fall
+ You’ll have the best guy best friends in the world
+ And the best ates you can ever imagine
+ You’ll believe in feminism and will fight patriarchy

On Money and Saving Up

+This is one thing you really suck atRead More »

My Favorite Blogs! (aka my blog roll)

tumblr_n7q0x3hEk81t7jlh5o1_1280And because I’m taking a break from school (but hear thee, it’s coming back so soon), I have more time in my hands to snoop into the lives of other people, and read everything in their archives; know their opinions about this shit, and that shit; see how they handle life gracefully; and just basically believe that they are my long lost friends from the past – I have acquired quite a lot of favorite blogs since God knows when. That is why today I decided to share with you my blog roll a.k.a the blogs I constantly check for updates every 8 minutes or so…

(Most of these blogs are Lifestyle blogs okay :)) hihi + they are listed in no particular order)

Ghost Parties
Cider with Rosie
Paper Lovestory
The Wallflower Secrets
Colours and Carousels
Hello October
Allison Anderson
Fine and Dandy
Career Girl Daily
Chapter Friday
The Blogging Brew
Artistic Dreams
Peony Lim
Daydream in Blue
Paris in Four Months
Helene in Between
Marc and Angel Hack Life

What are your favorite blogs? Comment below! I sure would like to snoop around! :))

Some Random Things About Me


I’ve been blogging for four months now and I think it’s proper to share a tad bit about myself so that you can know about me more??? I’ve finally given in on the Get to Know Me tags I’ve been seeing around so I figured, what the hell, let’s do this thaaang!

+ I cry easily – and by easily I mean I could actually be an Oscar winning actress because I cry so fast, it’s ridiculous, the director of my movie and everyone in the Academy would be so proud of me

+ I am a sweet and saucy girl – donuts, cupcakes, chocolate?? I’d go for it! Barbeque sauce? Oyster sauce? I’d go for the savory food too! I’m just not a huge fan of the spicy stuff

+ I am a cat, a dog, rabbit, bird, panda, and penguin person. I am an animal person. I love everything fluffy. I hate lizards and frogs because they are not fluffy. One time, whilst I was in our bathroom, a lizard fell on me and went inside my shirt – I couldn’t tell you how much I freaked out. Again, if you saw how terrified I am, I would win another Oscar award for Best actress and an MTV Movie Award for Best Scream

+ I cannot exit a YouTube video without clicking the thumbs up/like button – that’s how good of a subscriber I am (and a little bit stupid, I guess???). Even if I didn’t like the video that much, I’d still click the thumbs up button because they worked hard for it, man

When I laugh around people, they cannot not laugh too. They say my laugh is some kind of disease in which no one has the immunity. So when I laugh about tiny funny things, everyone in the room will start laughing as well (and before I thought, hey, I probably look awful when I laugh that is why I can make them laugh but no; I already saw myself laugh one time [thanks, recording devices] and I think it’s because my eyes show the loneliness I feel inside which then translates to ok let’s laugh out loud) Another Oscar award?? And a Golden Globe for this one?? How about an Emmy?Read More »